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  • Yoberry
    Description: Review of Yoberry c. 2008 by Laura Brose
    Having opened at the beginning of July, this little shop serves both fro yo (in plain or green tea flavor, sadly, the mango was not available when I visited, though it is listed on the menu cards available for the taking on the countertop) and shave ice as well as the combination of the two.
    While the few reviews which have appeared so far have speculated on whether NY's tiny yoberry shop is in any way affiliated with or violating the trademark of a "yoberry" shop which is based in Seattle and has a website of its own, or is simply] the latest "pretender" imitating the business model of Pinkberry, having actually visited, I would beg to differ, as some of what the shop has to offer is clearly aimed at an oriental customer base and/or the Chinese cuisine cognoscenti: some of the shaved ice confections feature sweet corn, as well as such exotica as grass jelly, cubed Agar Agar, and red beans. Their menu of drinks has not only standard-issue smoothies but some cold beverages similar to those which can be found in other shops on the surrounding streets of Chinatown, such as Iced Red Bean drink, Lychee Ice, and Longan Ice. While this shop imitates the style of Pinkberry to a certain extent, it is well worth visiting for what pinkberry _doesn't_ have.
    48B Mulberry Street New York, NY 10013 212-566-6064
    mon-thurs 11am-8pm
    fri-sat. 11am-11pm
    sun. 10am-8pm
    Submitted: 07/19/08
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