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  • Very Berry
    Description: Review of Very Berry Frozen Yogurt parlor c. 2008 by Laura Brose
    Very Berry seems at first blush to be capitalizing on a familiar formula, a "copy cat" of pinkberry; but there are some positive differences, such as slightly richer tasting yogurt and more flavors of yogurt as well as more diversity of toppings: unlike Pinkberry they've got peanut butter balls and cut-up Reese's Peanut Butter cups. Besides plain yogurt and green tea flavored yogurt, they've also got strawberry and blueberry; so you could conceivably have a dish of frozen sweet yogurt in red, white, and blue. They have a strange theory "color is life", touting the nutritional benefits of foods with different colors, and they do get bold with their medium: they have yogurt-based shakes and smoothies as well as just cups, cones, and waffle bowls of the stuff. An audicious offering is the "banana spirit"; an ersatz banana split with frozen yogurt in lieu of ice cream and Fruity Pebbles cereal in lieu of whipped cream, chocolate sauce and cherry. Worth going to and probably wheelchair accessible (slope of concrete to the door) but their website is non-existant.
    Submitted: 07/01/08 (Edited 07/01/08)
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