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  • Eddie's Sweet Shop
    Description: Lots of reviewers have described Eddie's as a place out of time: much of the interior looks the way a 19th century ice cream parlor should: but the old-fashioned features extend to the shop entrance, which has a shallow step and therefore is NOT wheelchair friendly. The counterman, nearly as ancient as the shop, claimed that all the whipped cream and toppings are homemade as well as the ice cream. I tried a dish of the pistachio-pineapple ice cream: the pineapple was dyed green, possibly candied, and in very small wisps of flavor. I was glad that they included a metal saucer under the long-stemmed cup, because the homemade chocolate sauce is more watery than the mass-produced version. The dish of ice cream with whipped cream and chocolate sauce cost $4.00. The Banana Split is $6.50 and the Banana Royale is $1.00 more. Eddie's is an interminable bus ride from the nearest subway station.
    Submitted: 10/12/06 (Edited 05/30/07)
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