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  • Crazy Bananas
    Description: Review of Crazy Bananas Frozen Yogurt parlor c. 2008 Laura Brose
    This frozen yogurt parlor has reputedly been around longer than Pinkberry and is cheaper. According to yelp, the shop is wheelchair accessible, but some people consider the fro-yo inferior.
    According to Crazy Bananas' website, they sell different yogurt flavors on different days. Green Tea flavored frozen yogurt is the only game in town on the first couple days of the week, and I will have to wait till the end of the week to try the Pomegranite-Raspberry or the Blueberry-Cranberry (I don't see how flavors like those could possibly be inferior to Pinkberry's products).
    Crazy Bananas offers frozen yogurt, shaved ice, smoothies, and yes, banana splits.
    Submitted: 07/01/08 (Edited 07/01/08)
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