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  • Chocolate Bar NYC
    Description: Review of Chocolate Bar NYC by Laura Brose c. 2008
    Chocolate Bar NYC offers house brand boxes of chocolates and chocolate bars as well as graffiti-themed specialty chocolate bars with flavors such as chocolate malt and key-lime pie; chocolate and vanilla Ciao Bella gelato served in dishes, shakes, and with espresso as "dirty gelato".
    This is not just a chocolaterie but a coffee shop and an ice cream, or rather, gelato parlor of sorts.
    They offer "spicy brownies" with chocolate and chipotle chili (these taste better than they sound). In addition to the standard egg creams, they have devised espresso egg creams and hazelnut egg creams. They offer free samples of their spicy brownies and silver-wrapped bittersweet chocolate. The only thing this lovely little shop does not offer is wheelchair accessibility.
    Submitted: 07/01/08 (Edited 07/01/08)
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